City tour and beer gardens

The next day was dedicated to exploring Munich. First thing in the morning, I went to the Nymphenburger Castle. It's a very relaxing place close to the city center, one tram away from Hauptbahnof (main train station).

I took a few hours to walk around and explore the garden behind the main building. Lot's of German walking or running around in this peaceful area.

Then I went back to the city centre and signed up for a city tour.
Munich has a small walkable city center. Since most of the city was destroyed during the war, most of the city buildings are new...in fact, new "old buildings". They tried to restore them as they were before the war, but Germany didn't have enough money so they used a French technique called "faux semblant" to give an old look to new buildings. Walking around the Residenz, the former home for the Bavarian king, you can see the results. Notice the fake carving on the walls.

After this interesting city tour, I finally met Patrick, my former flatmate in Auckland. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about what happened during those four years since he left the Railway Campus. Then, I left for a Potuguese bar next to Ostbahnof, where we met Johanna and assisted to the Portuguese victory over England.

Afterward, we went to a beer garden to watch the France-Brazil game. Beer gardens are very interesting. The tour guide told us that in order to open an "official" beer garden, you need to have three things:
1-Allow people to bring there own food.
2-Sell one of the five (or maybe six)
Munich beer.
3-Have chestnut trees to provide some shadows.

Even though you can bring you food, they have a little cafeteria inside the garden where they sell German food: sausages, brezel, potato salad...and of course one litre mug full of beer.
All of it is amazingly good !

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