Fairy-tale castle

All guidebooks recommend to go to the Füssen area to stare at the magnificent castles built in the 19th century by king Ludwig II also known as the Fairy-tale king. So, I couldn't miss it. I woke up early once again and took the train with Barbara. Once you get there, it is mandatory that you buy a ticket to visit the castles. There are guided tours starting every twenty minutes. It is suggested to arrive early otherwise you might have to wait a long time before your tour starts.

We first visited the Hohenschwangau castle. It was partly in renovation so half of it was actually covered by scaffolding. Fortunately, the inside in fantastic. But nothing prepares for the craziness of the Neuschwanstein castle, the inspiration for Walt Disney castle. The outside is just outstanding and the inside is pure madness with a servant room bigger than my flat, an opera hall richly decorated with a huge fresco and a cave replica with fake rocks and stalactites. Definitively worth the trip !

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