Thinking and Writing

Is it a coincidence that all thinkers we know of are also writers?

It is obviously because they wrote essays and books, and thus published their thoughts, that we know about them. But could it be that writing helps you become a better thinker? My take is that the answer is yes.

I believe there is a profound change occurring in the values of the current generations. I've been trying to write a post about it, but so far, I've failed. The reason: I can't synthesize my thoughts well enough to write. But the more I try, the more my ideas crystallises.

Talking is for brainstorming.
Experiencing is for learning.
Teaching is for mastering.
Writing is for synthesizing.

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Karine a dit...

Hmmm so I have to work on my writing... the last step.

I think I figured the others ones out already ;-)