La semaine passée, j'ai terminé Makers et tout de suite après, j'ai ouvert gmail...


Félix-Étienne Trépanier to Cory Doctorow

Hi, I just finished Makers a couple of minutes ago. I haven't read science-fiction in a long time and, for some reasons, I've decided it was time to read one. It happens to be Makers. From hughmcguire.net to Rip: A Remix Manifesto to craphound.com to your book...here I am, emailing you to thank you for the read. I loved the story, the humor and what the book represent as a kind of manifesto for makers and those feeding the commons.



[18 minutes plus tard]

Cory Doctorow to Félix-Étienne Trépanier

Thank you, Felix! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.



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